Thomas Brenneur

thomasbrenneur2Senior Programmer

When Thomas is not coding software you can find him in his workshop hand crafting violins.

The Federal Aviation Authority, the Canadian Coast Guard, Sear, GAP, and the CBC, are among those who have benefited from his expertise in: C,C++ development on Unix,Linux,Windows,VaxVMS,AS/400, Networking,data storage and real-time development on Unix/Linux, Geomatics development with ESRI ArcIMS, Mambo/Joomla PHP components development, MFC,ODBC, MAPI, COM development on Windows, Database design and development (SQL, PL/SQL, Pro*C, Transaq-SQL,etc.) with SQL-Server,Oracle, DB2, MySQL, J2EE server development in Java, HTML, PHP, JSP,Java, Javascript,ASP and CGI development.

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