Alek Grguric

alekgruricDigital Media Developer

Alek is a developer and digital media producer. With over 18 years experience in the area of interactive media programming, integrating text, graphics, audio, video, and animation into a dynamic, interactive user experience is his specialty.

In those 18 years, Alek is an expert in Adobe Director for interactive programming, Ableton Live and Traktor for music production, and Apple Final Cut Studio for video and sound editing, DVD production, and content compression & optimization.  Along with his great technical expertise Alek is a gifted project manager to boot - able to juggle the complex interplays between technology, content, audience and clients.

Alek has successfully delivered a wide variety of interactive projects. These span the media spectrum and include public information kiosks, interactive museum exhibits, promotional CD- ROMs, support kiosks, and “on-site” and event media production.

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